cooling tower manufacturer in Uttrakhand


Ambitious technical excellence provides customers around the world with an excellent selection of cooling towers. With the latest resources, extensive knowledge and years of experience, we develop, manufacture, test and provide standard and customized solutions.
ICE DROP COOLING TOWER – One of THE GHAZIABAD renowned FRP crossflow cooling tower manufacturers has elaborately designed systems based on the latest technology to ensure superior performance over the long term. There are components such as case, infill, water distribution system (PVC), fan, etc., which contribute to the overall function and operation of the system.To Provide a extended practical Life we have a tendency to interact Ourselves In producing Specially Designed Cross Flow Cooling Towers. These Are wide glorious For Its reliableness And High Performance And without delay flexible For Any Natural Flow Of Water- Cooling Application. we have a tendency to Manufacture These Cross Flow-cooling Towers With Qualitative Grades Of FRP. that Helps In structure that creates Them Resistant From The Chemicals And Corrosion.


  • FRP counter-flow cooling towers and FRP cross-flow cooling towers offer certain benefits to end users without exceeding their budget.
  • Requires minimal pumping and plumbing costs and minimizes noise pollution.
  • Supports changing water flow without changing the distribution system.
  • Cooling towers have low maintenance requirements and are available in a variety of specifications.
  • It is known for its smoothness and excellent performance despite its problems.
  • Non-corrosive, lightweight and weather-resistant construction best suited for a wide range of applications
Cooling tower manufacturer in Uttrakhand.