cooling tower spare parts manufacturer in punjab


The robust construction and corrosion resistance of the FRP rectangular cooling tower make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Precisely designed for even water distribution and resistant to temperature and weather. It provides easy access to internal components and consumes less power while providing efficient long-term performance. ICE Drop Cooling Towers  is one of the leading manufacturers of FRP Rectangular Cooling Towers in GHAZIABAD Our customers are valuable to us and we pay attention to their needs and customize our product range according to their specific requirements.A rectangular cooling tower that uses the diversion principle for operation when drought is induced. Hot water enters from the hot water entrance. The hot water inlet passes through a perforated branch pipe that evenly distributes the water through the spray cap. This water is distributed throughout the heat exchanger charge. The water then flows down the filler as a thin film that comes into direct contact with the surrounding air, which is moving upwards in the countercurrent.

Advantages of Rectangular FRP Cooling Tower:

  • Water Cooling Towers has a compact and light-weight layout that forestalls corrosion damages.
  • FRP Rectangular Cooling Tower guarantees minimal go with the flow losses, no infection because of dirt and excessive efficiency.
  • ICE DROP COOLING TOWERprovide smooth get admission to to inner additives and secure to put in on rooftops.
  • FRP Rectangular Cooling Tower has a negligible piping price and is the pleasant preference for small to medium-length units.
  • FRP Tower calls for low protection and guarantees easy long-time period operations.
  • Have appropriate tensile energy and manufacturing ability to enhance your operational efficiency
 Cooling tower spare parts manufacturer in punjab.