best cooling tower manufacturer in punjab


We have been providing an excellent range of Cooling Towers to customers all over the world with highly driven technical excellence. We design, manufacture, test, and deliver standard and customized solutions using modern resources, extensive knowledge, and years of experience. ice drop cooling tower  one of the well-known FRP Cross Flow Cooling Tower Manufacturers In Delhi, has finely designed systems based on cutting-edge technology that ensures long-term performance. Casing, Fillings, Water Distribution Systems (PVC), Fan, and other components contribute to the overall functionality and operation.Water enters through the top of the tower and is distributed onto the fill by spray nozzles. The fill can have a film fill theme or a splashbar theme. The water drips through the filling and enters the basin. As the water trickles through the bed, part of it evaporates and cools the remaining, non-evaporated water (evaporative cooling). The chilled water stays in the bucket until it is pumped into the process

Advantages of Our Cross Flow Cooling Tower

  • End-users benefit from the advantages of FRP Counterflow Cooling Tower and FRP Cross Flow Cooling Tower without breaking the bank.
  • Pumping and piping costs are kept to a minimum, and noise pollution is kept to a minimum.
  • Allows for water flow variation without requiring changes to the distribution system.
  • Cooling Towers require little maintenance and come in a variety of sizes.
  • Despite the difficulties, they are known for their smooth and superior operation.
  • Lightweight and weatherproof design, corrosion-free, and ideal for a variety of applications
Best Cooling tower manufacturer  in punjab.