Cooling tower manufacturer in punjab


The FRP Square Cooling Tower is a glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower that is an excellent choice for maintaining  proper temperature in the system. Innovatively designed and equipped with advanced features, these provided cooling towers incorporate functional components to ensure long-term reliable operation. ICE DROP COOLING TOWER is one of GHAZIABAD’s leading manufacturers of FRP square cooling towers. Our cooling tower is very advanced. It was developed with the utmost care and using  raw materials with higher performance and quality assurance.The cooling towers provided are designed to minimize drift loss. Our cooling towers are available in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with easy access to internal components. Our suite of machines guarantees our customers that they are quality controlled against predefined quality parameters to meet international standards.


  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic Cooling Tower conveys heated water consistently over the fill region.
  • Has an instigated draft counter stream and constrained draft counter stream plan.
  • Simple to port, introduce, work and keep up with.
  • Have a strong plan that forestalls erosion harms and goes on for quite a long time.
  • Plastic Cooling Towers help to chill off the water and keep up with the temperature.
  • Have great elasticity, vigorous body for guaranteeing solid execution.
  • Intended for dismissing and arranging heat from the chillers.
  • Profoundly adaptable, hold amazing strength and serve excellent long haul benefits.
  • Tough and reliable decision for a very long time.
  • Accessible in various arrangements and get redone to client inclination
Cooling tower manufacturer in punjab