Wood cooling towers are rugged cooling towers designed for long life, trouble-free operation and long maintenance-free life. It is widely used in industrial refrigeration and is available in several configurations. ICE DROP COOLING TOWER  is one of the leading wooden cooling tower manufacturers in GHAZIABAD. With state-of-the-art resources and limitless industrial experience, we tailor these cooling towers to your requirements. The structural design, robust housing and smooth operation of the system make it a reliable choice. The wooden cooling towers we offer are best suited for industries dealing with polluted water and high temperature applications.

The main reasons to buy a Timber wood cooling Tower are:

  • Wood for cooling towers is available in a variety of flow rates.
  • All joints are secured with stainless steel fasteners. Best choice for industries with polluted water. It can be safely used at high temperatures.
  • Wood cooling towers feature a compact gantry design for high efficiency and maximum durability.
  • Blue Chip cooling towers meet individual cooling capacity requirements or site constraints.
  • Wood cooling towers are available in a variety of capacities to improve efficiency and overall productivity.