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Ice Drop  Cooling Towers is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of FRP Cooling Towers, Wooden Cooling Towers, Fanless Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower replacement parts, Industrial Chillers, and other miscellaneous equipment that supply diverse industrial water cooled energy. Our organisation has a strong name in the worldwide market for delivering water-cooled energy to the sector. Furthermore, we have established high standards for providing dependable installation and maintenance services for our cooling towers and chillers. Our main objective is to achieve 100% client pleasure, which we do via fairness and professionalism in our work. It’s employed in a variety of industrial applications.


Our primary goal is to construct high-quality cooling towers with long-lasting corrosion-resistant materials that fulfil the rigorous requirements of the cooling tower environment as well as local regulations. Our headquarters are in Delhi, and we have locations all around the country. We are well-equipped to serve to a wide range of industrial applications, thanks to our more than ten years of expertise.

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Our products are created in our cutting-edge infrastructure facility using high-quality raw materials. The manufacturing process is carried out with the help of efficient machines that can ensure mass production of these items. Our team of experienced quality analysts inspects the product's quality at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Our products are available to clients at highly competitive market prices thanks to a nationwide supply network. Our workforce is comprised of dedicated and committed professionals who collaborate to ensure that the client's requirements are met. Our products have unrivalled quality and are built to last. We have amassed a sizable following under the guidance and leadership of Mumtaz khan clientele by making high-quality products available at market-competitive prices. Ethical business practises and client-friendly business transactions have helped us stay ahead of the competition.


Our goal is to innovate, and it is also our identity.
ICE DROP COOLING TOWER is a firm believer that innovation begins with the needs of the client. The entire use of cutting-edge thoughts and aggressive designs completely innovates from the current market challenges. It will fully utilise the infrastructure as well as all shifting rules to drive cost fluctuations and innovation. By acquiring specific environmental needs, our location will assist diverse organisations in achieving their goals and machines. ICE DROP COOLING TOWER  is delighted to be a part of the advancement and evolution of customised chiller technology over the years. The majority of customers believe Drycool Systems’ innovation and expertise will help them reach their goals.


We are fully devoted to long-term sustainability.
Because of the rapid changes in the environment, Drycool Systems, as the top chiller manufacturers in India, fully understands the need for sustainable business practises. Every client expects the company’s home when they engage with it, and the organisation is steadfastly devoted to long-term sustainability. This is not only a move toward becoming an environmentally conscious firm, but it is also one of the future concern methods to various businesses. ICE DROP COOLING TOWER Systems will not only assist the organisation in achieving its industrial and building mission, but it will also help to ensure that energy efficiency solutions are available for future generations.


ICE DROP COOLING TOWER  are fully operational in a variety of divisions, ensuring a positive influence on the environment and industry.We’ve taken a laser-like emphasis on supplying high-quality equipment to our customers. As a result, we have been able to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction and, as a result, have gained valued clients from all over the world.
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• Finance and administration.
• A marketing and sales strategy.
• Components and supplies
• HVAC maintenance and chiller leasing services